Tale of Old Whiff

Recently discovered, restored and soon to be scented, “A TALE OF OLD WHIFF”(1960) is  the only cartoon to be written for smell.


The short film stars “Whiff”, a bloodhound put to work by an intrepid detective voiced by Bert Lahr, our previously-favourite cowardly lion, here doing some investigative work searching for a museum’s missing dinosaur bone worth $100,000.00. One small problem, Whiff has AN-NOZ-MIA anosmia-he’s lost his sense of smell…he can’t smell anything…but luckily we, the audience do…


Animation is by John Hubley, the creator of Mr. Magoo. Nathan Zucker produced, Alan Zaslove directed and Leo Salkin wrote the story.


This cartoon accompanied Mike Todd Jr.’s “SCENT OF MYSTERY” in its’ original January 1960 theatrical release. Presented in Smell-O-Vision, featuring fifteen (15) unique scents.


The film has been restored and re-mastered by ‘Mr. Cinerama’ David Strohmaier. Saskia Wilson-Brown of the Institute for Art and Olfaction will once again bring the smells back for international scented screenings.