Eternity Land

“Choose your own adventure in this bonkers parallel universe in the middle of Sydney” (SMH)

“Wafts of fragrance herald characters before they enter a room — or linger where they’ve been. And if you spy manure… hold your nose. Bringing in a scentsmith demonstrates the sky-high production value.” (Concrete Playground)

“This immersive theatrical experience takes you on a hero’s quest through a dizzying kaleidoscope of interactive rooms…” (Time Out)

Eternity Land Scent design, alongside the brilliant Cult of Scent’s Jocelyn Fullerton. Participants smelled, ‘The Cowboy’, taking in leather, tobacco, hint of horse and fresh sweat.

Paying a visit to ‘The Mother’s’ unpredictable and dangerous home, they experienced fresh cut grass in the suburban front yard, and then a scent gag: flowers-with-a-bite.

Lulled into a false sense of security by the sweet smell of cake they adventured forth to be transported via the nose to ancient Greece and the stables of King Augeas as Hercules attempts to clean 30 years away in a day…

A joy to collaborate with @Jocelyn.fullerton.perfumer @cultofscent.atelier