Scented storytelling


A  creative writing workshop series encouraging young participants to get in touch with their Inner Noses!  By smelling the roses and other scents not so sweet: Every week we will smell something to wake us up, train our noses and work on creative pieces based on a series of writing exercises focusing on the power of smell, memory and emotion. The end result will be a  book of Stinky Tales to keep and to treasure.


Our sense of smell has the power to teleport us back to the past. Scent plays a huge part in our lives, both consciously and unconsciously. Memory and smell are intimately linked, as are smell and emotion.


This workshop series encourages storytelling  with awareness of ALL of our senses. Sensory story telling enriches language and engages our emotions. In particular we well be focusing on the enormous power of our noses! This customised workshop series was presented over eight weeks for the Sydney Story Factory.

Training for the nose