Smelly Puppet Show!

Pup’s Smelly Adventure is an interactive scented puppet experience for 3-6 year olds.

Emma de Vries and Pup

Designed to be experienced outdoors, the audience is invited to tune in and breath in the wonderful dimension of scent that exists all around us. They do this by helping ‘Pup’ and Emma solve a mystery through the power of their noses! Pup has lost his favourite chew shoe and the clues are scented.

Scents by Saskia-Wilson Brown, Institute for Art and Olfaction

Following an interactive told story, they are led by Pup and find a variety of hidden shoes along the way. One shoe smells like a flower and another like chocolate. However only one shoe not only looks like but also smells like Pups lost shoe!

The scent of fresh fruit!

The young audience begins by warming up their noses. Closing their eyes, they smell the world around them and share their experience and associations. They are then invited to guess a number of familiar and not so familiar scents.

Emma and Tammy, Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose!

How do dogs say hello? Pup arrives and greets his new friends. They talk and sing together before the story and shoe hunt begins. Duration 45 minutes.

Pup greets Dog

This  show is written and performed by puppeteer Emma de Vries, writer and director Tammy Burnstock and early childhood advisor Judith Keyser who have worked together for many years on ABC shows including Play School and Mixy.