Scent in Cinema Series

Scratch and Sniff cards for A Tale of Old Whiff (1960) being sent on their merry way…

A virtual series of screenings and panel discussions. Co-curated with Jas Brooks

Olfactory art, in particular scented cinema, has consistently been the brunt of dismissive humor. The “Scent in Cinema” series seeks to present works of scented cinema and provide critical discussions of this medium. The events include a virtual screening with mailed scratch and sniff cards followed by a moderated panel discussion with experts in the field. This event is meant to (1) increase enthusiasm about the study and creation of olfactory arts; (2) cultivate better sensory understanding of and critical engagement with smell; and (3) provide connections across several fields.

The first outing was a screening of A Tale of Old Whiff

This animated film, written for scent and originally screened in Smell-O-Vision! as the short before Scent of Mystery (1960) was presented virtually via scratch-and-sniff cards. Panelists were Professor Leslie Kay, Professor Catherine Clepper, Professor Scott Wolniak, and Tammy Burnstock as well as surprise guests Dr Nadia Berenstein and Neal Harris.

Olfactory research lab, the lab where the artist does his research with scents

Our next event will feature the work of Peter de Cupere, with a scented screening of his film Sniff Receptor (2003)
Peter will be joined on the panel by Professor Catherine Sullivan, from the University of Chicago and independent neuroscientist and olfactory science writer, Dr Anna D’Errico

This is a free series and tickets will soon be available via Eventbrite and Scent in Cinema (Jas Brooks)